Video Game Studio Incubation/Acceleration

We Accelerate Your Dreams

Our video game studio incubation/acceleration services include:

An education program that will teach you how to do it right the first/next time

 Processes proven to lead to business success

A massive talent pool to help you build your dream team

The best mentors in the world to kick your butts (and teach you) along the way

All the support you need to become a sustainable, high-growth tech company

No out-of-pocket expenses

(does not include salaries/wages)

How You Can Accelerate

  1. You must demonstrate high levels of creativity, initiative, resilience, and risk tolerance. Entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone (they don’t call us “the 1%” for nothing). The most disappointing thing in the world is someone who wants to be an entrepreneur, yet overestimates their resolve to be so, and loses a grand opportunity in the process, for everyone (after wasting a lot of everyone’s time/money/effort). Don’t be THAT person!
  2. You must be coachable! If you think you know better, and won’t listen to the top experts in the world, please go somewhere else!
  3. Bust your butt! If you’re not keeping up with us, and meeting deadlines, you’ll be right back where you started.
  4. If you believe that you have what it takes, fill out our application (on our Apply page) to start the process!

Be prepared to risk everything

Your time, money, future, possessions, retirement savings, choices, your way of doing things, etc. If you’re not prepared to risk these things - like the rest of us are - your entrepreneurial journey will be painful and/or short-lived!

Video Game Publishing

We Drive Your Success

Our video game publishing services include:

The aforementioned education program, processes, talent pool, mentoring and financial support.

A thorough review of your game product, from one of the top game designers in the world.

Deep and consistent testing and usability analysis, from 100+ play-testers and experienced QA testers.

Top-notch version control, bug tracking, and project management tools.

A Marketing Team led by the best people in the industry, with the budget they need to generate installs.

To get your game onto as many platforms as possible (the goal is 5-10).

Our Prerequisites From You

  1. That your title be either ESRB rated “E-for Everyone”, “E10+-Everyone aged 10 and up”, or “T-for Teen”.
  2. The game is of limited scope – it can be developed (at 150-250 man/hours per week) and released within 10 months. Some (extremely casual) titles will be released in just 2-3 months, others longer. The average will be six months (the typical indie game is released in 39 months).
  3. We prefer that you have a playable demo/prototype. If not, you’ll at least need a complete Game Design Doc (GDD), a nine-minute Pitch, and at least three people on your team.
  4. Be prepared to work in a dynamic, professional, highly collaborative team environment – where everyone isn’t shy about speaking their mind (and sharing their expertise).
  5. To be excited, that you’re gonna be making money from your (successful) game much sooner than you anticipated!
  6. That you fill out our application on our Apply page.

Other Projects We Consider

Mobile App Development/Publishing

Win the Mobile Race

Only one requirement. An app that’s either a game, or related to gaming in some way (we can even “gamify” it for you!)

Customer Projects

We'll Develop Your Game Idea For You

If you have an idea for a game, don’t have a clue how to create and/or market it, but have a few bucks laying around, let us know!

Game-Related Products

We Got You

We have extensive product design, manufacturing and marketing experience! Got a cool idea? Let us know!