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What We Do

Much more than just a publisher, BGV educates, mentors and manages our Indie Game partners, incubating and/or accelerating them into sustainable high-growth businesses.

We do this via a focus on the most important (yet least understood) skill set for startups: project management. We then provide all the people, resources, proprietary processes and marketing muscle they need to succeed.

BGV then shares in the revenues generated by the release & distribution of their products. We earn only when they earn.

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What Drives Us

Indie game developers have a 95% failure rate to break even. This is one of many profound imbalances in the game industry, which we aim to fix.

We are driven to see game developers’ ideas come to life in a sustainable business enterprise.

We’ve developed a ground-breaking system, which democratizes success in the industry and allows every contributor in the chain – ALL developers, producers, admin, executives, and investors – to be properly rewarded for their efforts. A “win-win” scenario for everyone involved.

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What Makes Us So Great?

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Your Vehicle, Our Tuning

This is what indie devs can do in an average of just six months…

Vectromirror 0™
Roadside Assistance Kit #2: “Picture Perfect”!
Roadside Assistance Kit #1: “Off-The-Wall”!
BiT Evolution™

Everything You Need For Success

With us as your partner, you learn to DO IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME*

Team of

Be mentored by the BEST, to turn the game you want to SELL into what people want to BUY.

Staffing &

We build your Team, and help them find or create their dream job when they're ready.

Processes &
Best Practices

Learn to do it right the first (or next) time - and keep doing it that way. Even if you're an industry veteran, you can learn.

Marketing &

We’ll help you develop your message, get it out to your target markets, and move enough products to scale.


Our Publisher relationships will help get your game into your customers’ hands on up to 10 different platforms.


Our Test Drive Lab collects feedback and reports from up to 100+ people to help you ensure a quality experience

A Turbocharged Creative Experience

A quality game deserves a good tune-up from a team you can trust. Our world-class Advisors have worked with developers and studios to release 200+ games, including such iconic titles as: Alone In The Dark, Angry Birds, Cabela’s African Adventures, Call of Duty, Ghostbusters, Monopoly, Pac Man, Rock Band, Scrabble, Splinter Cell, etc.

They also have experience developing top brands, acquiring and managing capital resources, turning games into hits (though we don’t need them), and startups into unicorns. They are here to help you be successful with your game (business) idea.

All you have to do is LISTEN.