Celebrating 3 Ways That Video Games Help Gamers Succeed In The Workplace

Today is National Video Game Day and to honor that we are giving 3 good reasons why gaming deserves the holiday.

1. Think outside the box

Marketers watch out! If you like puzzle games, brainteasers, and strategy games, nothing gets your brain conditioned to viewing problems and opportunities from different angles, and while there are many brain teasers you can do, there is something about the natural progression of it in a video game.

2. Handling pressure

AAA Game Developers and Publishers have some of the hardest deadlines when it comes to getting games released and its that means a lot of crunch-time throughout the project. While I am sure you can learn to handle pressure from outside sources, The gamer generally has the upper hand in welcoming stress when it comes to playing video games; it is not uncommon for Gamers to be faced with a tense situation and it is up to the gamer to sink or swim.

3. Leadership and management

Whether Military or a management role, the ability to lead is a welcomed skill for hires and it might surprise many of you that gamers get these types of skils in games like Planetside 2, Ghost Recon: Wildlands, and Arma were leadership plays a crucial role in your success. Someone has to call the shots, and when someone is calling the wrong shots, they are quickly put down, and those calling the right shots are praised for the win. So Gamers are getting multiple examples of what should and should not be done when it comes to leading. And while you may never lead a group of soldiers in a battle, being able to give directions, check on needs, and adapt to changes are all things that can be gained on the battlefield of gaming.

What are some of the skills you take from gaming, how have they helped you? I know conflict resolution is a big one for me. Reply in the comments below!

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